It is important for any organisation to be able to deliver their message in a clear and concise way that can be easily understood by their key audience.

Cut-Through Communications works with clients to develop, research and write major policy documents.

We specialise in turning complex policies and bureaucratic language into highly readable materials to reach a general audience. We also provide high-level advice on the structure and format of materials

Cut-Through Communications writes and edits:
Profile Building / Media Relations
Media Training
Issues Management
Workshop Facilitation


Cut-Through Communications writes and edits:

  • Major policy documents
  • Annual reports and audits
  • Communication strategies
  • Website content
  • Media releases
  • Speeches
  • Brochures, facts sheets and case studies.

Cut-Through Communications also provides graphic design and photography services through our associates.

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Profile Building / Media Relations

A positive relationship with the media is vital to any industry, business or community organisation.

Cut-Through Communications has a good understanding of how the media works, what makes a news story and how to place stories in the right media outlets for maximum exposure.

Cut-Through Communications assists clients to:

  • Build profile through targeted media campaigns
  • Develop story ideas and assist with their placement in the media
  • Write communication materials such as media releases, speeches and website content
  • Establish working relationships with television, radio and print media at the local, state and national level
  • Develop and implement communications strategies
  • Build and manage stakeholder relationships.

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Media Training

Dealing with the media can be a formidable experience but it also offers an opportunity to get your message across to a wider audience.

Cut-Through Communications directors are former journalists with experience across print, radio, television and wire services, as well as having been media advisers to Government ministers.

Cut-Through Communications offers full or half-day personalised media training sessions for individuals, groups and businesses at all levels of experience.

Our media training packages include:

  • TV camera operator with playback facilities
  • High level advice on how to handle difficult issues,
    avoid traps and pitfalls
  • General presentation tips
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Getting your message across succinctly
  • Follow-up media advice and support.

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Issues Management

An issue handled badly in the media can damage business reputation.

Cut-Through Communications develops communications plans to prepare the groundwork for issues likely to attract media attention.

As former government advisers and journalists, we help clients capitalise on media opportunities and avoid damaging headlines.

This may involve identifying pitfalls, preparing key messages and Questions and Answers in advance, developing stakeholder engagement strategies and working out the strongest storylines.

Our consultants can also brief an organisationís spokesperson on how to engage the media and provide advice during a crisis situation.

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Workshop Facilitation

Cut-Through Communications facilitates strategic planning and ‘brainstorming’ workshops as part of the development of communications plans.

Half-day or two-hour workshops are our speciality, involving smaller groups of senior managers to work through significant policy and communications issues.

Cut-Through Communications helps tease out discussion in areas requiring careful stakeholder and media management.

We work with key staff to develop a workshop agenda, identify issues likely to be controversial and follow-up to implement communications plans.

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